Black Or Dark Apparitions

I get many questions regarding apparitions or figures that appear black or dark in color. A majority of the people I speak to have already assumed that, because of the color, the apparition is evil or demonic in nature. This is simply not the truth in the majority of cases. A human spirit may also appear as a dark shadowy form in many cases. The “evil” that most of these people feel at the time they see the black figures is the natural fear being misinterpreted as an evil presence. Many people are frightened by the normal symptoms of a haunting like footsteps, doors opening, voices, etc. They assume they are being hounded by demons from hell. One of the main purposes of this page is to help people understand better what is happening and defuse some of the fear involved in these encounters.

Now, there are evil spirits, but most of you will never encounter them. Even in my own experiences, there was only one apparition that I definitely felt was evil. I drew that conclusion because I could compare the feelings I got from that one spirit to the others I had encountered for 18 years prior to seeing that one. The other black imps as I call them made me feel very uneasy but I cannot say that they were, without a doubt, demons. I am still leaning toward that being the case but I have to keep an open mind and assume that anything is possible. It is also possible that you may be get bad vibes from a human spirit that, for some reason, is not friendly toward you. Perhaps you changed something in their house like the wallpaper in their favorite room or something else to make them feel like you are messing with things that belonged to them in life. Other than typical symptoms of a haunting, there is little else the mean spirited human ghost can do to you except make you feel like it doesn’t like you. In conclusion, seeing a black shadowy spirit does not mean that you are definitely facing an evil spirit. You need to investigate further to determine what the presence is, and a majority of the time you’ll realize it is a human spirit and not demonic. From my experience, you will know by the actions of the spirit and the feelings you get from it, whether or not it’s evil. Just keep in mind the odds are against it being evil.


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  1. Prometheus says:

    Hi, to the author, I am really interested in what you had to say about the dark apparitions. A couple years ago I accoutered a dark apparition. I wanted to know where I could possibly find more information about dark apparitions.

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