Paranormal Team to Investigate First Bed and Breakfast in Texas – LIVE

The Pride House, located in “the most haunted town in Texas”, live investigation
JEFFERSON, TX, Aug. 21, 2010 — Some people might be a little frightened by claims of disembodied voices, or strange sounds in the night, but the investigators with Southern Paranormal Investigations ( jump at the chance to spend the night in haunted locations. On Saturday evening, August 21, 2010, they will get that chance as they team together with Upsher Paranormal Society to conduct a live investigation of The Pride House, Texas’ first known bed and breakfast, located in Jefferson, TX.

The Pride House is an ornate two-story Victorian home built in 1888 by lumberman George Washington Brown, and later purchased by John Griffin Bender. It was named Pride House after the son of the third family to own the home. Many of the family members who have lived in this home seem to have loved it so much that they have decided to stay, as there are many claims of paranormal activity in the home. Several paranormal groups have experienced unexplained phenomena ranging from sounds and voices to photo anomalies. Many audio recordings taken inside the home have revealed sounds and voices not heard by those present at the time.

On August 21, 2010, Southern Paranormal Investigations will bring you the investigation of this magnificent, historic home live and give you the opportunity to become part of the investigation. With five cameras streaming live video and audio all night, you will be live on location with the team. Live interviews from the owner of The Pride House, live interviews with the investigators as they detail their experiences inside the home, and live discussions of the history of The Pride House and it’s claims of activity. Audience members will also be able to interact with investigators live on scene via our live, interactive chat room. See something we missed? Have an idea for a technique we should try? Want us to ask a specific question in our audio session? Just type it into the chat room in all caps and our investigators will pass it on to the sweep teams.

This premier live broadcast of The Pride House investigation will be brought to you by Saturday Night Paranormal and The White Noise Paranormal Network ( and hosted by The Peoples TV Network. To view this live investigation, tune in at on Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 9pm Central / 10pm Eastern.

Reported to be the most haunted town in Texas, Jefferson is a beautiful, historic small town reminiscent of a 19th century era, with streets lined with well preserved buildings and Greek revival homes. Area shops and attractions offer something for everyone, and there are over forty bed and breakfasts to choose from for a delightful, restful stay.

About The Pride House
Located in Jefferson, TX, The Pride House is the first known bed and breakfast in Texas. A well maintained Victorian home with nine beautifully decorated guest rooms, all with king or queen sized beds and private baths.

Media Contact
The Pride House
409 Broadway, Jefferson, TX 75657

About Southern Paranormal Investigations
Located in the Houston, TX area, SPI is a non-profit paranormal team focusing on helping others dealing with unexplained events in their homes or businesses.
SPI also works to bring businesses and historic locations with paranormal activity into the forefront to help increase patronage and tourism via or live shows and world wide promotions.

Media contact:
Jennifer Hanson
SPI Founder
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