New Mothman Documentary Sheds Light On 45-Year Mystery

Can a movie truly be cursed?

Could bad things happen to people involved in a documentary film delving into never-before-explored facets of the sinister Mothman legend? Director Matthew J. Pellowski found this out when he, along with his crew from Red line Studios, set out to make “Eyes of the Mothman,” which is being released by Virgil Films on February 22. This is the first comprehensive documentary feature that covers the mysterious events surrounding a West Virginia town where, in 1966, hundreds of people reported seeing a flying angelic man that was later dubbed by local press as “The Mothman.” The bizarre occurrences have been the inspiration for a 1975 best-selling book (John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies) and a 2002 Hollywood narrative of
the same title starring Richard Gere. Now the subject matter is the focus of an extensive documentary that contains never before seen footage, exclusive eyewitness testimonies and interviews, new evidence, and alternative theories that may finally put the daunting mystery to rest. The documentary will explore many details of the Mothman lore that others–for one reason or another–opted to leave out, including “The Cornstalk Curse,” an ancient Indian myth to which townspeople attribute years of unexplainable activity and tragic events.

Although Virgil Films is no stranger to acquiring provocative subject matter, such as the 2004 film “Super Size Me,” this time they may be getting more than they bargained for. Red Line Studios admits they waited until after negotiations were reached with the distributor to reveal some of the darker secrets surrounding the making of the movie which took nearly five years to complete.

Paranormal enthusiasts familiar with the Mothman story are quick to bring up the rumored “Mothman Death List,” an internet based theory which states that anyone who chooses to involve themselves with the mystery are often subject to ominous encounters, uncanny incidents, and sometimes even meeting a sudden unexplainable death. Many are already arguing that this extension of the myth has already been felt by the filmmakers of this new program. “Eyes of the Mothman,” was not an easy film to produce. Shortly after production wrapped, Matthew Pellowski, the film’s director, fell ill to a severe pneumonia that had him bed ridden for 8 months and delayed the post production stages of the project. “I remember it starting out as a
joke right when I got sick, oh it must be the Cornstalk Curse, then 7 months go by and numerous doctors are telling me they don’t understand why I’m not getting better and that curse stops being a funny anecdote.”

The alleged Curse not only may have targeted the crew during production but perhaps even the equipment used to produce the film. During post-production, editors named each hard drive after subjects discussed in the film and soon witnessed the “Cornstalk hard drive” become corrupted three separate times, causing nearly a year in delays of the special effects used in the program. The wildest story to have emerged is that of crew member Justin Massler, who suffered identical symptoms to many of the Mothman eyewitnesses shortly after production wrapped. As odd as it may sound, Massler claimed that he experienced an ongoing contact with what he believed to be an alien being. Massler would struggle with these paranormal experiences for years until he was arrested for stalking celebrity Ivanka Trump, allegedly, under the guidance and instruction of this being. “He went down to West Virginia to help shoot this thing and came back a completely different guy; it was like invasion of the body snatchers,” states Jeremy Massler, his brother. “I’ve heard the rumors about the curse on the production team involved in making ‘The Exorcist,’ said Neil Stephens, director of Photography on Eyes of the Mothman. “It’s one thing to hear or read about a curse but it becomes very frightening and all consuming when you feel yourself becoming involved in one.”

“Eyes of the Mothman,” has been hailed by paranormal researchers and investigators familiar with the subject as being an authority on the Mothman case and the first extensive feature documentary to explore all aspects of the story. “I was a fan of the Richard Gere film from 2002 and as a filmmaker who had also read the John Keel book, understood that the multitude of crucial side stories found there could only be properly addressed in documentary format,” states director Matthew J. Pellowski. “We went deeper into the subject, even though there were a number of people who warned us not to.”

“Our goal was to leave no stone unturned and really do this story justice. It was important for us to produce a film that was honest and unbiased and reflected the people this story is about with sincerity,” explains executive producer Anastasia Konstantinou.

“Eyes of the Mothman,” is released this February 22nd through Virgil Films Entertainment and is produced by Red Line Studios, Inc.

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